okay, I don't usualy do this that much. But i am going to rant.

Okay i am going to be ranting on something everyone hates. thats right nosy people. As i just said, i am going to talk about nosy people, and that realy irritates me. The nosy people, not the talking about it. So like any average day, i was in my room talking to myself.

I: Hello, me how was i?

Me: Me is good, how am i?

I: I am good.

when the door swung open and:

Myself: Hey what am i talking about?

Me: Nothing!!!!

I; Its none of my buisness!!.

Okay maybe it didn't happen like that. but see how irritating nosy people are? You know what people i'm talking about right? its those people that weren't even talking to you but they try to sneak into your conversations becouse they think that they know what your talking about but actualy they know that we know that we know that they don't know what there talking about. You know? Well actualy i think i should give an example.

"Dude that guy definatly farted didn't he?"

"he did"

"he did, i heard it"

"I could smell it"

"I could smell a** from my seet"

"I know"

"he tried to cover it up with "that was my project on photosynthesis"

""yeah, who was that? who wasa that? who was that""

You nosy people stay home, nobody likes you! go talk to your cat or something. I know i seem like i'm over reacting, but i have to deal with nosy people every day. like when i went to the market.

"i see you got the marsh mellows, nice choice"

"grunt sound"

"okay, will that be cash or credit?"

"GRUNT Sound"

"ima say credit, now will that be paper or plastic?"

"you sonnava Bit-"

And later when i went to get dinner.

"may i take your order"


see how nosy the world can be? but seriosly, for all you nosy people out there i hope you know that we know tha you know you don't know what we know. so stop pretending to know what we know becouse thats just lessining the value of knowing. and if you keep lessining the value of know becouse you don't know what we know, then soon were gonna have no know, and if we have no know then how are we gonna know when no means no, you know?

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