• Themaskedman

    Nosy people

    January 17, 2010 by Themaskedman

    okay, I don't usualy do this that much. But i am going to rant.

    Okay i am going to be ranting on something everyone hates. thats right nosy people. As i just said, i am going to talk about nosy people, and that realy irritates me. The nosy people, not the talking about it. So like any average day, i was in my room talking to myself.

    I: Hello, me how was i?

    Me: Me is good, how am i?

    I: I am good.

    when the door swung open and:

    Myself: Hey what am i talking about?

    Me: Nothing!!!!

    I; Its none of my buisness!!.

    Okay maybe it didn't happen like that. but see how irritating nosy people are? You know what people i'm talking about right? its those people that weren't even talking to you but they try to sneak into your conversations becouse they think that t…

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