Descriptions of el tigre wiki

By day Zoe aves is an average teenager who's totally down in the dumps and disinterested in life in general. But Zoe's family is anything but average, they're a clan of supervillains known as the Flock of Fury. Just like the Riveras all have feline alteregos, the Flock of Fury is made up of birdie baddies. When the sun sets on Miracle City, Zoe secretly becomes the evil supervillain Black Cuervo, a kick-butt, take-charge girl who is much more outgoing and full of life than Zoe. Black Cuervo is a force to be reckoned with, equipped with a laser blaster on her wrist and jet-wings on her back. Zoe's got an evil Mom named Voltura and a REALLY evil grandmother known as Lady Gobbler. The three generations of Aves have tangled with the Riveras in the past, and will most definitely meet up with them in the future...

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