Tournament of the Dead


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Becoming leader of the Skeleton Bandito army
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First Appearance

 Tournament of the Dead is the apparent name of the tournament organised by Sartana of the Dead. It was only featured in The Good, The Bad, and the Tigre.



There were 10 events in the tournament:

Event Image Competitors Winner
King of the Skull
King of the Skull
Alebrije Monster, Giant Robot Sanchez, El Mal Verde, El Tigre El Tigre
The High Dive of Doom Black Pantera
Rodeo of Ruin
Hoops of Horror General Chapuza
Speed Skating Sluther Voltura
Rhythmic Gymnastics N/A
Golf of Gore Puma Loco
Cobra Clash Django of the Dead
Arm Wrestling El Tigre
Knock your opponents off the Platforms El TigreBlack PanteraPuma LocoDjango of the Dead N/A

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