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Tigre + Cuervo Forever
Season 2, Episode 19 A
Air date June 16, 2008
Written by Abagail KingsBury
Directed by Sadie Sherbondy
Episode Guide
The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain
Spanish Name: Tigre y Cuervo x Siempre


Manny romances Black Cuervo in order to extract information about her family's crimes for his father.

Episode Summary


El Tigre on a date with Black Cuervo


Voltura plan is foiled by White Pantera and is caught by the Police

Manny is telling Frida how his father is mad at him, when Black Cuervo comes by, trying to get his attention. Manny then has a great idea to make his father forget what happened! He offers himself to be Cuervo's "Crime partner". She first thinks she can't trust him at first, but she ends up accepting. While in the date with Cuervo, he would get information of the crimes her family would do soon, and then tell them to his father. Cuervo first tells Manny that Voltura that she's robbing the science tower, so Manny tells father and foils her plan. Everything is going alright, and White Pantera is very proud of his son, until Cuervo invites El Tigre to have dinner in her house. Accidently, he discovers the plan of the Avez family to rob a golden boat that night. Cuervo's mother and granpa point their laser guns at El Tigre, but Black Cuervo saves him and say he's not only her crime partner, but the best friend she ever had. Manny starts to feel bad, and tells the truth to his father during the robbery, but Cuervo is behind and hears everything. She gets angry and starts attacking El Tigre. At the end the Avez Family is victorious, and Black Cuervo tell them that she is over El Tigre, but then, she says to herself "mostly".


Episode Montage Scene

Running Gags

Memorable Quotes



El Tigre, playing a Nintendo DS.


Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo

Manny Rivera/El Tigre

Carmen Rivera/La Tigressa

Maria Rivera/ Plata Peligrosa

Grandpapi Rivera/ Puma Loco

Grandmami Aves/ Lady Gobbler

Carmelita Aves/ Voltura

Rodolfo Rivera/ White Pantera

Nathalia Aves/ Black Swavo

LaTeda Aves/ Golden Voltura

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