Part 1

(Episode begins at the Riveras' home. A claw digs into a box of Sugar Skulls and takes one out. It is then splattered with decoration. A row of decorated Sugar Skulls is layed out, followed by a row of lit candles. Granpapi is revealed to be the one decorating the room. He shoots out cut-out decorations for his sombrero.)

Granpapi: Rodolfo, you done hanging the family portraits for the Day of the Dead?

Rodolfo: Yes, except for...Aiiiiy!

(We are shown the portraits of the other Rivera Family members. Rodolfo is shocked.)

Rodolfo (continued): The portraits! I have hung them crooked!

(He turns to Señor Chapi, who is laying an offering for his ancestor. Rodolfo grabs him, goes outside the house, lifts it up and places him underneath. This causes the portraits to align s bit. Rodolfo comes back inside and is relieved. Señor Chapi, on the other hand, isn't.)

Señor Chapi: Viva pantalones!

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