(Episode begins at Leone Middle School. In science class, the science teacher is pacing in the middle of the room.)

Science Teacher: Children, it's time for...the Science Fair!

Kid: Hooray!

Science Teacher: Yes, I know we're all excited, but I wanna remind you to be careful this year.

(He takes out his hook hand.)

Science Teacher (continued): Very, very careful.

(He points to the right of him.)

Science Teacher (continued): Are you listening, MANNY AND FRIDA???!!

(Manny and Frida are drinking sodas at their table.)

Manny: Our experiment on alternative gas sources is already underway.

(Frida burps.)

Frida: Eureka!

Science Teacher: Now I want you all to pair up in groups of three.

(Two girls pair up with another, Sega and Guero pair up with Chorizo, three guys pair up. Rosa goes up to Frida.)

Rosa: Hey, Freeds. You wanna be project partners?

(Frida burps in her face. Rio goes up to Many carrying papers.)

Rio: Hey, Manny!

(Manny burps him away as he screams. He and Frida continue drinking sodas and burping all the while.)

Science Teacher: Well, this group of three only has two.

(He spots someone and hooks to their stool. He bring the person over to Manny and Frida. She smile deviously. It is none other than...)

Frida: Zoe Aves?!

(Frida squirts soda up Manny's nose. He pushes the side of it making it squirt through his eye sockets.)

Manny: Cool.

Frida: She's my arch-nemesis! I can't work with her!

Science Teacher: Can, will.