(Episode begins at the Miracle City City Hall, which has decorations, a Mexician flag and a banner that says "Yiya Suarez. Cut to inside.)

Officer Oscar: We here to honour Police Chief Suárez. The first day I meet the Chief, he nod at me. Second day, again he nod. Third day, I out sick, so I no sure if he nod, but I like to think he did.

(Pan over to Manny and Frida sitting at the left of the High Table.)

Frida: (groans) This has been the longest six hours of my life!

(She bangs her head down on the table.)

Manny: It's only been 20 minutes.

Officer Oscar: Now welcoming Miracle City's junior police cadets, led by the chief's beloved daughters, Anita and Nikita!

(Emiliano smiles with appreciation.)

Frida: Hey, I'm his beloved daughter too!

(The curtains behind the High Table open. A giant golden police badge with a star is shown. Standing in front is the junior police cadet team. The crowd cheers, throwing hats and sombreros in the air.)

Anita and Nikita: Silence!

(There is silence. Manny and Frida roll their eyes. The twin sisters perform some martial arts poses. They end with a martial arts bow. One of the sisters taps her foot twice. The other cadets hold up their shield in a flinching manner.)

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