Señor Siniestro
Name Señor Siniestro
Age 12
Gender Male
Hair brown
Eyes red
Alter Ego(s) Sergio
First Appearence
Voiced by

Señor Siniestro is the supervillain alter ego of Sergio. He is one of El Tigre's most powerful foes.


Powers and Abilities

In his robotic suit, Señor Siniestro possesses super strength, the ability to fly as well as a large arsenal of weapons with which he can blast his enemies to smithereens. Despite the suits great strength, it does not appear to be very durable, as it is often seen being destroyed or falling apart after fights with El Tigre or after suffering a large impact.


Señor Siniestro Gigante

Señor Siniestro Gigante Gigante

Senor sin gigante gigante
This the second upgrade of Señor Siniestro.



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