Rivera Super Macho Blitz

The Rivera Super Macho Blitz is a deadly special type of move used by the Rivera family that was featured only in the episode, The Grave Escape.


Not much is known about the Rivera Super Macho Blitz, other than being a deadly move used by the Rivera family as a last resort against a tough foe. However, no one has successfully peformed it, and ended up dying. It is known that Justice Jaguar died from attempting to perform this move.


In the episode "The Grave Escape"

El Tigre comes up with the idea of their last resort to defeat and stop Sartana: The Rivera Super Macho Blitz. The rest of the Riveras are shocked to hear his proposal, as Granpapi tells his grandson that no one has survived it. But, El Tigre digresses, saying its either do it, or Miracle City is doomed, as well as the Rivera bloodline. So, the Rivera family goes with the plan and performs the move, with The Mighty CheetahDark LeopardJustice JaguarGolden Leon, White Pantera, Puma Loco, and El Tigre I launching El Tigre towards Sartana. However, El Tigre becomes nervous and loses momentum, but his predecessor encourages him that he can do it and that he is a Rivera. Encouraged by his predecessor's words, El Tigre exclaims "Ancient Tiger Spirit...I summon you!" and regains his green fire momentum, turning into a green tiger, and going straight head on towards Sartana and collides with her monster. After the collison, it seems that the blast had no effect on the monster, and El Tigre I goes down on his knees, slamming his fists on the ground, shocked of believing that his successor had perished in the explosion and that all hope is lost now. As Sartana and her monster celebrate, the monster's arms and body become engulfed in green flames, and then explodes, seeing that El Tigre is still alive, having successfully pulled off the move, defeating Sartana and finishing off the move with style, as El Tigre performs the classic "El Tigre Roar" while in the shape of a tiger.