You are a Rivera!

Rivera Family
Manny Rivera (son)
Rodolfo Rivera (father)
Maria Rivera (mother)
Granpapi Rivera (grandfather)
Justice Jaguar (Great Grandfather)
Mighty Cheetar (Great Great Grandfather)
Golden Leon (Great Great Great Grandfather)
Dark Leopard (Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
El Tigre I (Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
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The Rivera Family is the most prominently shown family in the series. The 3 main characters are Manny Rivera, Rodolfo Rivera, and Grandpapi. This family is mostly the main plot of the show because of their differences in use of superpowers. 


The bloodline of the Rivera family began with El Tigre I, the first Rivera superhero/supervillain. It continued on with a series of villains and heroes as well as another undecided.


Despite the family being different in powers and sides, there is usually one thing the Rivera family would not betray on either side: the safety of the family. Even Grandpapi as a Super Villain saves his Super Hero son Rodolfo and sometimes Hero grandson Manny because of family loyalty.

Another interesting thing that is noticed is that members of the Rivera family despise being identified as cowards, as shown in Yellow Pantera and The Grave Escape.


Rivera Men

(From left to right) Dark Leopard, Mighty Cheetar, El Tigre, El Tigre I, Justice Jaguar, & Golden Leon


Other Members


The Rivera family has 2 pets. One is a donkey named Little Mule and the other is a parrot named Señor Chapi.


  • El Tigre means The Tiger, White Pantera means the White Panther, and Puma Loco means Crazy Puma. The Rivera family's ancestors are named alter-egos of the Feline family.
  • It seems that the Rivera Men have a tendency to bond with women involved in music: Rodolfo with Maria who is a mariachi singer, Grandpapi with Sartana who plays her mystic guitar, and Manny with Frida who has her own band the Atomic Sombreros.
  • There appears to be a theme in the family as all villians in the Rivera family are short and use mech suits, while all the heroes are tall and use the Bronze Boots of Truth. Those who are undecided are in between height and use the El Tigre Belt.
  • It appears that all the Rivera supervillains have eyesight problems that get better with each generation. Dark Leopard is blind (or at least blindfolded), The Mighty Cheetar has only one eye (the other covered with his eyepatch), and Puma Loco has both eyes, but needs glasses. Also Puma Loco is the first Rivera villain to have two eyes (visible anyway).
  • It appears all the heroes wore masks to protect their identity.