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This article contains information regarding a former alter ego. For information on the real identity, see Maria Rivera.

Plata Peligrosa
Name Plata Peligrosa
Age 31
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Maria Rivera
First Appearence A Mothers Glove
Voiced by April Stewart

Plata Peligrosa is the former superhero form of Maria Rivera. Initially enjoying her crime fighting abilities, the super-heroine lifestyle proved to be dangerously addictive, to the point where she felt it necessary to give it up in order to preserve her life.


Maria came across the glove that contains the Plata Peligrosa abilities at a party during her college years. Initially embracing the power that the glove gave her, Plata proved herself to be a great and courageous superhero, hoisting herself into deadly situations without fear to save the day. Eventually, she became highly addicted to the thrill that dangerous crime fighting provided under the glove's influence, and deliberately began seeking out danger. After realizing just what the glove was doing to her psyche, Maria decided to give up her life as Plata Peligrosa in order to maintain her life (and mind).

Years later, when Manny brings the glove back into her life, she temporarily reclaims her identity as Plata Peligrosa, only to give it up once more, as it's influence is too much to handle.

The Glove

Maria has almost no control over its excessively impulsive and danger-seeking behavior except for the first hour she is Plata Peligrosa. After that interval, she must remove the glove or she will lose her sanity and become destructive again.


  • Super strength
  • Increased stamina
  • Super speed
  • Flight
  • Energy projection, most often manifesting in the form of electricity




The gallery for Plata Peligrosa can be found here.


  • Maria becomes much more flirtatious under the influence of the glove, as shown with Rodolfo in The Return of Plata Peligrosa.
  • Maria is one of few, if not the only character shown in which their powers drive them to madness.
  • She nearly killed her only son, as seen in A Mother's Glove.

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