(Episode begins with a bell ringing, then a woman screaming. Two bags of cash are picked up off the ground by none other than El Oso. He starts laughing until he see El Tigre standing there. We cut to the outside of the Miracle City Bank, where El Oso is kicked out. El Tigre stands proud at the doors.)

El Oso: Just back off, mang. When El Oso robs a bank, the whole city trembles!

(Pans out to show Frida ordering a sandwich, a girl playing jump rope and a man carrying a suitcase.)

Torta Vendor: (to Frida) Bagel mayonnaise, or the spicy?

(El Tigre extends his hand toward El Oso, making it into the shape of a fist. He punches him in the face and he falls forward. El Tigre grabs him and smashes him to the pillar of the bank and back on the ground. We pan out away from El Oso to show El Tigre and Frida - who is eating her sandwich - standing near the crumblng, shaking bank.)

Frida: Dude, that was awesome! You were all thrashing him, and he was all, "Err, GAH, mang".

(The two front pillars of the bank break off, and the top half of the bank crumbles off and falls forward.)

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