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(The episode begins with a shot of the Miracle City volcano at night. Rodolfo, in his White Pantera persona, walks into view.)

White Pantera: Ah, Miracle City at night.

(He walks on the path opposite the goat chef.)

White Pantera (continued): Delicate scent of goats on the breeze....

(Cut to show Rodolfo standing in front of the city hall. The dome appears to be unscrewing.)

White Pantera (continued): City Hall's spectacular rotating golden dome...

(He has a thought.)

White Pantera (continued): Rotating?! It's unscrewing! Someone is stealing the dome!

(He bounces up top, and two dark silhouettes, resembling El Tigre amd Puma Loco respectively, are running on the dome. White Pantera grabs the flag from the dome and bangs it on Puma Loco, sending the two off the dome. White Pantera stands proudly.)

Puma Loco: Dang!

White Pantera: You two?

(White Pantera hops down from the dome.)

White Pantera: You promised there would be no stealing tonight!

(He points at El Tigre.)

El Tigre: Granpapi said if we were going to steal, we might as well lie, too!

Puma Loco: Come on!

(Puma Loco grabs El Tigre.)

Puma Loco (continued): This dome no gonna unscrew itself!

(They rocket back up to the dome to resume unscrewing. A bronze boot suddenly stops it, throwing El Tigre on top of the dome.)

El Tigre: Ow!

(White Pantera begins speeding in the other direction to screw the dome back.)

White Pantera: It will stay screwed! This I swear!

(White Pantera and Puma Loco start screw-fighting.)

Puma Loco: Unscrewed!

White Pantera: Screwed!

Puma Loco: Unscrewed!

White Pantera: Screwed!

(El Tigre is stuck on the tip of the dome, being spun around. We pan down to the doors of City Hall, where Municipal President Rodriguez steps out.)

Rodriguez: What's going on down-

(He looks up and notices his dome unscrewing. It crashes down on City Hall, completely destroying it. The Rivera Men are seen among the rubble. President Rodriguez comes out, enraged.)

Rodriguez (continued): RIVERAS!

(Cut to court. The Rivera Men are now handcuffed wearing orange jumpsuits.)

Judge: It is the judgment of this court that you are clumsy, stupid and ugly.

(Rodriguez whispers in his ear.)

Judge (continued): And you smell bad! Therefore you are sentenced to 20 years in the onion mines!

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