This article contains information regarding a former alter ego. For information on the real identity, see Frida Suárez.

La Tigresa (character)
La Tigresa title card by mexopolis
Name La Tigresa
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Affiliation(s) None
Alter Ego(s) Frida Suárez
First Appearence La Tigresa
Voiced by Grey Delisle

 La Tigresa is the former alter ego of Frida Suárez.


During Miracle City Crime Night, Frida was helpless when battling against Sartana of the Dead. While Manny slept over at her house later, she noticed the family police dogs chewing on his El Tigre belt. When retrieving it from them, it clipped onto her, and she thought back on everything that happened recently. Finally, not taking it anymore, she spun the belt and became La Tigresa.

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