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The Curse of the Albino Burrito Ballad of Frida Suarez

(The episode starts with a shot of the Miracle City volcano at night, and the scene pans down to show Rodolfo, Manny, Frida and Granpapi having ice cream.)

Rodolfo: Ah, it is truly a perfect night for a walk. And a nice cone of cream!

Frida: Or two!

(Grandpapi's sombrero reveals more ice cream.)

Granpapi: Or seventeen!

(Manny sniffs his ice cream cone.)

Manny: Why does my ice cream smell like giant monsters?

(Frida drops her cones in shock.)

Frida: It's not the ice cream.

(It shows Sartana of the Dead laughing and controling three giant monsters. Granpapi drops his ice cream cone.)

Granpapi: Salsa fresca! (bangs himself on the head) How could I forget? (whips out calendar) 2nd Tuesday of the month is....

All: Miracle City Crime Night!

Rodolfo: We must stop these thieves!

Granpapi: Yes, because I was going to steal all that stuff next week!

(Rodolfo glares at him.)

Granpapi (continued): Did I say that out loud?

(Rodolfo rips off his shirt and transforms into...)

Rodolfo: White Pantera!

(Granpapi encases himself in his sombrero, which transforms into the robot suit of...)

Granpapai: Puma Loco!

(The ice creams he carried earlier fall on him. Manny spins his belt and transforms into...)

Manny: El Tigre!


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