Evil Ending And so, El Tigre choose... EVIL!
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So it's been canceled. And I think we hated the ending. More importantly I hate how much was left undone. This is a sort of rant. There was a chance in the show. There was potential. I think that potential was in Manny + Cuervo Forever. Cuervo's feelings were obvious throughout the entire series. I think that Manny had feelings for Cuervo, and that they could've been expressed in that episode. I know there was no intention of Manny liking Cuervo. There should have been. At the end of the episode he was truly very sorry for how he took advantage of her feelings. He wanted to make it up to her. I think this could have been the beginning of their relationship. Somehow, I think they needed a relationship. I would have loved it to not be cancelled. I wish they ahd a successful relationship in the last episode that aired last week, and that they will next week. The show was of course cancelled, though. And with an ending of... nothing. That was not an ending. The creators have said that later on in the story Manny marries Frida... That dissapoints me... I am a Futurama fan. That has taught me something about a good TV show. Open character development is necissary. And that the expected should not happen. Unless the expected will be a huge satisfaction. Is that any satisfaction to anyone? Frida and Manny never developed. Manny and Cuervo did. Or at least they started to. Cuervo was in love with Manny, and they just left that alone. Something could have happened. My point is that nothing changed from the start of the series to the end. And this show had the potential and the setup to do so. Even the after-story, according to the creators, is just not good. They could have made that series amazing. They didn't. They could have at the very least simply end the episode with a single kiss between Manny and Cuervo. I hat e cliffhangers. And yes, I do know that Futurama ended in a cliffhanger. They came out with the news of four movies based on the series quick enough for me. And now the series itself is returning, after 7 years. That is a very long time for a fan. Especially after a cliffhanger. It's even a longer time for a series that was never half-finished.

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