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Golden Leon
Golden Leon
Name Golden Leon
Age 80s *deceased*
Gender Male
Hair Blondish White
Eyes Brown
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Unknown
First Appearence The Grave Escape
Voiced by Miguel Sandoval
Spanish Name: Leon Dorado

Golden Leon was the first Super Hero in the Rivera Family. He is Dark Leopard's son, The Mighty Cheetar's father, Justice Jaguar's grandfather, Puma Loco's great-grandfather, White Pantera's great-great grandfather, and Manny's great-great-great grandfather. He also appears to be the first Rivera to use the Bronze Boots of Truth.


Golden Leon's outfit resembled that of a Spanish Conquistador. He had curly, golden/bronze hair with a beard to match, making him resemble a lion. He also wore a pair of gloves similar to White Pantera's, and a mask over his eyes.


Golden Leon is the son of Dark Leopard and a Spanish woman. He opposed the conquistadores and sought to protect his village (assumed to be an early Miracle City in past times), thus becoming the first Rivera superhero.



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