The first hero, Golden Leon!
— El Tigre to Frida in The Grave Escape
Golden Leon
Golden Leon
Name Golden Leon
Age 80s (Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Blondish White
Eyes Brown
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Unknown
First Appearence The Grave Escape
Voiced by Miguel Sandoval

 Golden Leon or Dorado Lion was the first superhero in the Rivera Family. He is Dark Leopard's son, Mighty Cheetar's father, Justice Jaguar's grandfather, Puma Loco's great-grandfather, White Pantera's great-great grandfather, and Manny's great-great-great grandfather. He also appears to be the first Rivera to use the Bronze Boots of Truth.


Golden Leon's outfit resembled that of a Spanish Conquistador. He had curly, golden/bronze hair with a beard to match, making him resemble a lion. He also wore a pair of gloves similar to White Pantera's, and a mask over his eyes.


Golden Leon is the son of Dark Leopard and a Spanish woman. He opposed the conquistadores and sought to protect his village (assumed to be an early Miracle City in past times), thus becoming the first Rivera superhero.



Leon means "Lion" and Dorado means "Golden" in the Spanish language.

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