Giant Robot Sanchez
Name Giant Robot Sanchez
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair None
Eyes Yellow and Red
Affiliation(s) Sanchez Family
Alter Ego(s) None
First Appearence Adios Amigos
Voiced by

Giant Robot Sanchez is a gigantic robot who often comes to Miracle City to steal all its fortunes. He lives far away at sea on an island inhabited by giant robots like him, however the island is more like a happy residential neighborhood rather than an evil base. He lives with his wife and two children.


Giant Robot Sanchez was a giant robot bandido with a strong sense of greed and takes advantage of his large size to easily overpower the smaller denizens of Miracle City to steal all their fortunes without any remorse. When in Miracle City, he would gladly cause untold destruction in his battles against heroes and to ensure as little resistance as possible when trying to make a get away. Unlike his fellow giant robots, Sanchez is incapable of speech (or at least chooses not to speak) and what little of his voice has been heard sounds more robotic than other giant robots. Despite these evil tendencies, Giant Robot Sanchez is actually a loving husband and a father of two children and he and his family get along greatly, although it appears that his family is unaware of his criminal lifestyle. After Manny and Frida helped to strengthen the bond between Sanchez and his children while he was shut down, it appears that he abandoned his evil ways as shown when he let them go free and stopped attacking Miracle City, and he is even seen in the final episode cheering along with the rest of the "good" citizens of Miracle City, showing that he has truly abandoned his evil ways.