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Fool's Goal
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 3 A
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Fistful of Collars
El Tigre, El Jefe
Spanish Title: El Gol del Perdedor


Rodolfo has been coaching Manny and Frida's soccer team. One tiny problem: he won't let them cheat like all the other teams do. If this continues, they're never going to beat their arch rivals, the Calavera Zombies (they're all actual zombies). Clearly, Manny has no choice but to induce a horrible allergic reaction in Rodolfo so he'll be unable to coach. That way, Granpapi can take over and lead the team to an underhanded, dirty victory.

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  • Rodolfo's morals of not cheating and having honor is introduced.
  • Grandpapi and General Chapuza have played against each other in football.


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