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Fistful of Collars El Tigre, El Jefe

(Episode begins at a soccer field near the Miracle City volcano. Rodolfo, Manny, Frida and a few other kids are on a football field in footbal uniforms.)

Rodolfo: Miracle City Junior Matadors, you begin this season as a finer team than ever before. You have strength!

(The Matadors show their strength.)

Rodolfo (continued): You have speed!

(Manny and Guero run in place while the other makes different poses.)

Rodolfo (continued): But most importantly, you have honor!

(Manny smiles and blinks twice.)

Rodolfo (continued): Now go out there and play like the true champions you are!

(The Matadors run out onto the field.)

Matadors:  (cheering) Matadors! Matadors! Matadors!

(We hear them getting beat up by a team offscreen. They head back to their side of the field, bruised and battered.)

Matadors (continued): Matadors...matadors...matadors...

Rodolfo: Referee! That team is not of legal school age!

(A muscular-looking team cheers while the referee smiles and drives off on his motorcycle. The Matadors are in a defeated pile. Rodolfo goes up to them.)

Manny: Dad, how can we win the championship for Miracle City if we're the only team in the league that doesn't cheat?

(Rodolfo kneels.)

Rodolfo: Now, Manny, wouldn't you rather lose with honor than win with dishonor?

Manny: Oh, well...what was the question again?

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