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Enter the Cuervo Fool's Goal

(Episode begins with garbage flying in the air. Manny is searching through the garbage can while Frida is making something from the garbage.)

Manny: Oooh! A broken yo-yo! Buffalo jerky! (gasps) And two doorknobs.

Frida: Behold!

(Frida shows two odd-looking skates.)

Frida (continued): Perfectly good roller skates made from household garbage.

(Manny comes out of the garbage can.)

Manny: It's like my dad says, "You don't need money to have fun!"

(Frida holds and a cardbox box and a pot.)

Frida: I even made a safety gear.

(Manny takes the box and places it on his head.)

Manny: Now all we need is another pair of skates.

Frida: Pssh. We don't need anything!

(The two grab hands.)

Manny: This is gonna be awesome if we survive.

(The scene zooms out to show the two on the top of a hill. This is viewed on the window of a plane.)

Pilot: And on the right of the plane, you can see Manny and Frida about to do something stupid.

Manny and Frida: YEEEEEHAAAAAHHH!!

(They skate down the giant hill, and cheer as they go over three small hills. We are shown a criminal being confronted by the Miracle City Police.)

Officer: It's over, Pablo! Over!

(Manny and Frida skate past the scene cheering, sending the police on a spin. This allows the criminal to happily scurry off. Cut to a scene where birth had just taken place. The doctor give the baby a spank, causing him to cry, during with Manny and Frida speed in through the hospital. When the baby stops crying, he hits the doctor's face making him cry in response. Cut to a scene involving two anxious policemen near a ticking-time bomb.) 

Policeman: This is the dangerous part. We gently remove the explosive.

(Manny and Frida speed past them.)

Manny and Frida: HA-HAAA!

(They cause the explosive to rise. The two men prepare to run out. Scene cuts to Manny and Frida who are still skating. An explosion occurs and the men are rocketting out in the background. A beetle crawls out from the road and Manny unknowningly trips on it, sending the two high across the city.)


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