This article contains information on the game. For information about the episode with a similar name, see The Good, The Bad, and the Tigre.
El Tigre: The Good, The Bad, & El Tigre
The Good, The Bad, & El Tigre
Developer(s) Nicktoons
Publisher(s) Nicktoons
Release date(s) Online Game Unknown Date
Genre(s) 2D Action
Players 1
Rating(s) Everyone
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Predecessor None
Successor None

El Tigre: The Good, The Bad, & El Tigre is a game that El Tigre is against Black Cuervo. El Tigre has to turn the security button before Black Cuervo gets the golden loot or steal the golden loot before Black Cuervo gets it.


Up Arrow:

  • Jump

Side Arrows:

  • Run
  • Gets out of the guard's grasp

Space Button:

  • Attack
  • Activate security buttons
  • Steal the golden loot
  • Wall Jump



  • Claw Slash


  • Invincible


  • Long Range Claw Slash


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