El Tigre, El Jefe
Season 1, Episode 3 (2/2)
El Tigre El Jefe title card
Air date Flag of the United States.svg March 10, 2007
Written by Scott Gimple
Jorge R. Gutierrez
Directed by Dave Thomas
Episode Guide
Fool's Goal
Zebra Donkey

El Tigre, El Jefe is the second half of the 3rd episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


Manny sees how much fun helping people can be and goes on a helping spree. Unfortunately, his help isn't wanted after he gets carried away.

Episode Summary


Minor Characters


The gallery for this episode can be found here.

Montage Scene

Manny (as El Tigre) helping people.


El Tigre vs. Senor Sinestro and Mr. Groomy Horse Mark 7


  • The episode name translates to "The Tiger, The Boss."
  • Toward the end of the episode, Remy from Street Fighter III can be seen in the crowd. Plus, Chun-Li and Ryu can be seen in a few scenes of several episodes.

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