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This is information on El Tigre the character Alter ego. If you are looking for the show's article see El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

This is information regarding an alter ego. For information on the real identity, see Manny Rivera

El Tigre
Name El Tigre
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Black Chocolate (hidden under the mask), White tufts
Eyes Green
Affiliation(s) Rivera Family
Alter Ego(s) Manny Rivera, El Ti-tera (one time)
First Appearence Night of the Living Guacamole
Voiced by Alanna Ubach

El Tigre is the half Superhero and half Supervillan form of Manny Rivera. As such, El Tigre is what most of the show revolves around. Manny has used his El Tigre powers to be a hero to stop Super Villains but has also committed evil deeds such as teaming up with other Super Villains to cause destruction and havoc. Besides Manny, an Ancestor of his called El Tigre I also had the same powers Manny has in the current timeline of the show.

Conception of the El Tigre Powers

While the initial conception of the Mystic Belt remains a mystery, it is clear that it has been around far longer than even early Mexican civilizations, likely older then even the Bronze Boots of Truth. The difference of the belt from the other two objects of power, is that the belt buckle needs to be spun to be activated, unlike the boots which give power by merely wearing them, and the sombrero, which can be used on mental command. It is also quite obvious that the belt is far more power and harbors a much more powerful spirit inside of it, the Ancient Tiger Spirit. The fact that the belt must be worn and the buckle must be spun as well is likely the only way of holding back the power of the belt. The only other wearer of the belt was around far before any of the other Rivera's, seen as the first Rivera, dating back before/during the Mesoamerican era, so it is safe to assume the belt was conceived around this time.

The how of the belt's conception remains clouded in mystery through the intentional canon of the show, however the actual purpose could be seen rather well. In Aztec mythology, the current universe that which they, and we, lived in was the universe of the Fifth Sun. In one of the many Aztec myths of Afterlife, those that had not done their rightful duty during their living, would have their souls torn apart by a ravenous tiger. This was likely the inspiration of El Tigre's powers and the Ancient Tiger Spirit, as El Tigre had power over both the land of the Living and the Dead, and could freely travel between both, likely to do the part of the Tiger Spirit and punish those who had not done their duty to the world or wronged others.

Moves from El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

The Spinning Armadillo

A power El Tigre learns from Black Cuervo. He runs up a wall, jump, spins with his claws to make the shape of an armadillo, dives, does some poses and then kicks his female opponent. He only uses this move in Enter The Cuervo

Ancient Tiger Spirit

The Powerful Ability to summon Ancient Tiger Spirit in creating a field of a glowing green energy tiger-shaped energy about thereselfs that mimics there movements. This is seen in the episode The Grave Escape.

Claw shot

Manny very rarely uses this move, He Shot his claws like guns and can be shot from 2 to 4 at a time.

Spin Cylone

Manny uses this move occasionally, he spins with his razor sharp claws to make a shredding tornado.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: Make My Mule! Powers

Vicious Uppercut

A normal power that El Tigre does multipe punchs that send his enemies flying.

Pounce Kick

A normal power that El Tigre jumps, then does a air kick for a few seconds.

The Amazing Chain Claw

A hero power that El Tigre launchs his claw around him.

The Sensational Bowler

A hero power that El Tigre spins into a ball and runs into his enemies.

Super Swipe

A hero power that El Tigre uses his claws to make a wave to make a earthquake.

Radical Ricochet

A hero power that El Tigre bounces around and knocks out all his foes around him.

Tijuana Tornado

A villain power that El Tigre spins around in a tornado and runs into his foes.

Savage Slash

A villain power that El Tigre slashes the air, then slashes his enemies.

Mega Quake

A villain power that El Tigre pounds the ground to make a earthquake that makes his enemies flying.

Atomic Slam

A villain power that El Tigre jumps into the air, then body slams into a foe.

Other Characters who have had El Tigre powers

La tigresa

Frida as La Tigresa


Jorge as Puma Tigre

  • Frida Suárez ‎- Frida during the episode La Tigressa, stole Manny's belt to stop people from laughing at her due to her appearance in a show revealing embarassing moments on people they catch. She became the only female to use the El Tigre powers, and because if that: She becomes known as La Tigressa. She caught many criminals, it would be Sartana that defeats her, and thus capturing Frida again. When Manny come to save her, she apologizes to him and never uses the belt again.
  • Guacamole Monster - Dr. Chipotle Jr.'s Guacamole monster is actually the first character to have the El Tigre powers other then Manny. During the ending fight of episode Night of the Living Guacamole, the belt lands on the monster's waist and he gets the El Tigre ears and white tufts.
  • Grandpapi - During the final episode No Boots, No Belt, No Brero, the Rivera family's objects of power are mixed. Grandpapi gets Manny's belt, but can barely fit in the costume and he doesn't know immediately how to use it.

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