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El Oso
El oso
Name El Oso
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair brown
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) None
Alter Ego(s) None
First Appearence Sole of a Hero
Voiced by John DiMaggio

El Oso is a Super Villain who commonly steals from banks. He has the strength of a bear and was in fact raised by bears. Even though he is sent to prison many times by El Tigre, he always finds a way to get out. In Oso Sole Mio, his story is revealed. El Oso learned how to survive and be tough like a bear. During this time, he met the Bear Princess. He fell in love with the princess but was routed by the female bear's protective father, the Bear King. He later went to Miracle City and started his constant robberies. And his repeatable beatings by El Tigre or White Pantera and escapes from prison.


El Oso is covered in tan bear fur, with black tuffs on his arms. He has a bear hat with teeth covering his head, a skull necklace, claws on his hands and feet and a metallic like belt similar to the cuffs on his arms. His fur could be a pelt from a bear he once battled.


  • Supherhuman strength
  • Increased endurance


El Oso was abandoned in the forest when he was a baby after being left behind on an orphanage camping trip. After crawling about for a while, he happened upon a family of bears and unwillingly took refuge with them (the bears were unwilling, not him). He soon began to train under the influence of the bears, learning their way of life until he was a full fledged citizen of the bears (much to their annoyance). He soon fell in love with one of the princesses of the bear kingdom, so he asked the Bear King if he could marry her, but was mauled. Not being particularly smart he assumes the bear king can't let him marry her because he doesn't have the money to take care of her, so he moved to Calavera with his brother bear Ossito , and began to steal from Miracle City in the hopes that he could steal enough money to please the bear king and win his true love's heart.
Con shot oso2

El Oso with money!


In the episode Oso Solo Mio he discovered that the bear princess had a boyfriend, But in No Boots No Belt No Brero it is seen that the bear princess has moved in and fallen in love with El Oso as she is in his house acepting a Safe wraped in a bow happily before he is hit by El mal verde

Canon Future

Character Design/Inspiration


  • El Oso has a habit of ending his dialogue with the word "Mang".

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