This is the article for the father, Dr. Chipotle Sr. If you're looking for the son, see Dr. Chipotle Jr.. If you're looking for the grandfather see Dr. Chipotle Sr. Sr.

Dr. Chipotle Sr.
Name Dr. Chipotle Sr.
Age 40
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) Chipotle Family
Alter Ego(s) Diego Chipotle Jr.
First Appearence Night of the Living Guacamole (cameo)

Miracle City Worker (main)

Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz

 Doctor Chipotle Sr is the father of Dr. Chipotle Jr. He was put away when his son was 7 years old by El Tigre and White Pantera. He was one of the villains that Maria Rivera tried to reform. However, he only used it as a cover to dig a tunnel into the Miracle City Mint. He acts and has a voice similar to his son's, he even has a massive robotic metal arm and a cybernetic right eye like his son. Dr. Chipotle Sr. is allergic to churros. He and his son also competed in the Super-Villain Grand Prix and were thrown at the skeleton banditos. It is unknown if he knows Senor Siniestro is Sergio because his son does.


Much like his son, he has a robotic eye and arm as his weapons.


He's rather apathetic towards his son, even though Dr. Chipotle Jr. wanted revenge on White Pantera for putting his father in jail. He doesn't seem to care much for being a villain, either, as he was with the other villains Maria Rivera had taken in during Miracle City Worker.


Before and during the series, Chipotle Sr. is a mainstream villain using Chili peppers to steal from banks or jewelry stores. He is constantly defeated however by White Pantera, who Chipotle Sr. considers to be his Arch-Nemesis.
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  • Dr. Chipotle Sr. is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, who is known for providing the voice for Zim on Invader Zim, another cancelled Nicktoon.