Chui is a chupacabra hatched by Dr. Chipotle Jr. and adopted by Manny Rivera. As he spends time with Manny and Frida, though, things start going awry, culminating in Chui eating all the goats in Miracle City. Chui has a "bizarre" tendency to chew things, a habit which went unchecked until it was discovered he had a taste for goats. 



Though based entirely on the legendary monster Chupacabra, Chui behaves nothing like what a monster should in the classical sense, maintaining a level of cuteness even as he grows to terrifying proportions.


He has orange fur, horns,a long tail, ears, little legs and arms, three little spikes, fangs,and two pairs of tiny wings.

Relations with Other Characters

Manny Rivera

As it was Manny who adopted Chui after being abandoned by Dr. Chipotle Jr., Chui has a strong bond with the young Mr. Rivera, going so far as to throwed himself by dragging (and Wrestling) the Chipotle-Cabra with him into the Miracle City's Volcano.

Frida Suárez

Chui's relationship with Frida is not entirely explored, but he never shows anything but happiness around her.

Farmer and his Son

Chui falls into a farmer and his son's truck; his son adopts Chui before the two return to their goat farm.

Dr. Chipotle Jr.

Although it was Dr. Chipotle Jr. who sires Chui, he discards the creature in its larval stage when he discovers a mistake on his reading: he believed the goat eater was in fact the "throat eater."