Carmela Suàrez
Name Carmela Suárez
Age 30s-40s
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Affiliation(s) Suárez Family
Alter Ego(s)
First Appearence The Late Manny Rivera
Voiced by Grey Delisle

Carmela Suárez is the mother of Anita, Nikita, and Frida Suárez, and the wife of Miracle City's police chief Emiliano Suárez. She is said to serve as a judge for Miracle City.


Early in her college years, Carmela met Emiliano. It appeared the two had a passion for law enforcement: Emiliano wanted to become Miracle City's Chief of Police, and Carmela wanted to be a judge. The two eventually got married and had three daughters. They were twin sisters Nikita and Anita, and the youngest, Frida Suárez.


Carmela closely resembles her daughters, with light tan skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. She appears to be be around the same height as Manny's mother Maria Rivera, and her hairstyle is very reminiscent of Frida's own. She wears a red sweater pulled over what appears to be a black dress or skirt, and displays a string of pearls around her neck with a matching set of earrings.


Not much in the way of personality is known about Carmela, other than that she harbors a love of her family, and quizzing obscure points of law. She appears to be a relatively serious career's woman who fights for justice in court.


Nikita and Anita Suarez

She's very fond and admiring of daughters Anita and Nikita due to them following in their father's footsteps in joining the police force becoming cadets.

Frida Suarez

It's unknown what the relationship dynamic between Carmela and Frida was like. It can be inferred that she loves her daughter very much, but is very disapproving of any delinquent behavior Frida exhibits, as she and her husband Emiliano were willing to send her to military school to correct it (as seen in The Late Manny Rivera).

Emiliano Suarez

Carmela is married to Emiliano Suarez, the head of the Miracle City Police Department. As a legal worker herself, she most likely carries a lot in common with him. It's shown that they met during their college years (as shown in a flashback in A Mother's Glove).


  • She closely resembles Frida with her hairdo.
  • Her first appearance was in The Late Manny Rivera, without a true speaking role.
  • She enjoys quizzing her family on obscure points of law.
  • In Stinking Badges! , she had a true speaking role