Cactus Kid
Name Cactus Kid/Billy
Age 13
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) N/A
Alter Ego(s) Billy
First Appearence The Cactus Kid
Voiced by Eric Bauza

The Cactus Kid (or Billy) is a small-time supervillain who came to Miracle City in the hopes of becoming a famous, well-renowned supervillain. However, he lived a sheltered life, and the town he lived in beforehand not only submitted to his villainy, they supported it completely. So, when he did actually show up in Miracle City, he flopped. Puma Loco, having recently gotten into a fight with Manny, found, and took Cactus Kid under his wing, if only for his own selfish reasons (which were to make Manny jealous).


Cactus Kid is a lanky teenage boy with crooked teeth and freckled cheeks, and usually has a smile of some sort on his face. His clothing consists of a black mask, long sleeved red shirt, black pants, green boots, and a belt with a skull buckle. And we can't forget his cactus themed accessories! He wears a rather large cactus hat, cactus gloves, and a single cactus earring.


Cactus Kid has quite the sunny disposition, and usually seems to be quite enthusiastic about evil, and doing generally bad stuff. But, he also seems to be somewhat sensitive, and can even be aggressive at certain times.


Cactus Kid's powers originally consisted of him being able make cacti within is vicinity droop/bend, or, to which he pridefully announced, dance (which was completely useless). However, when he was upset by the revelation the he had been used and thought of as a complete joke by both Puma Loco and El Tigre, he was able to create a horde of cactus monsters.



Canon Future


  • His power; "Cactus Control", was a play on of "Chaos Control" from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.