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This is information regarding an alter ego. For information on the real identity, see Zoe Aves

Black Cuervo
BCuervo 1
Name Black Cuervo
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Black with streaks of purple
Eyes Red
Affiliation(s) The Flock of Fury
Alter Ego(s) Zoe Aves
First Appearence Enter the Cuervo
Voiced by Candi Milo

Black Cuervo (translate- Raven) (Cuervo Negro in Spanish) is the supervillain alter-ego of Zoe Aves. She is the 3rd Super Villain introduced and is in fact the first female supervillain that debuted in the series. Black Cuervo combines physical moves and lasers in her attacks, and as a part of the The Flock of Fury, she is equipped with jet propelled wings that allow her to fly at great speed and altitude. Black Cuervo is also one of the few individuals that actually keeps her identity secret. For most others in the show that have alter egos, people know who is who. She is not known to make frineds, but she can be constantly seen trying to seduce Manny. She will occasionally stop in the middle of a fight to to say "something" about him. She often tries to cover her feelings before nearly openly expressing them by shooting or otherwise attempting to harm Manny.

Canon future

See Zoe Aves for information regarding her canon future as stated by Jorge.


  • Raven-themed combat suit
    Con shot cuervo
    Boy I AmAdded by Boy I Am
  • Jet-propelled flight on her back
  • cannons in both glove with twin laser blaster on her wrist                                                    

Other characters who have had Black Cuervo powers

  • Lady Gobbler- In the episode Cuervo Project, Zoe is made to take great measures to maintain her secret identity. Zoe returns to school after a sting set by Manny and Frida, and is publicly accused of being Black Cuervo during the Science Fare judging. This ploy is foiled by a most unexpected intrusion: Black Cuervo blows open the school and engages El Tigre in combat. When it appears that Cuervo is on the verge of losing, she grips Zoe by the arm and flies high above the large model volcano she had built, dropping her into the fake lava. After Cuervo flees, and the students seem to lose hope, Zoe emerges unscathed, though covered in orange ooze. At the episode's end, Zoe meets Black Cuervo at the top of the school, who is unmasked, revealing Lady
  • Gobbler under the guise. They share maniacal laughter before the iris in his family  


  • Black Cuervo may have been inspired by former Spider-Man villain turned ally into the Black Cat.
  • Zoe meets Black cuervo in the daugther of  Voltura


black cuervo  has a small tipped visor and raven-like wings Her color pattern is purple and her bird theme is a raven.


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