The Ballad of Sartana of the Dead was a song written and performed by Frida Suárez and the Atomic Sombreros. The song was made when Frida had to quickly think of a song to satisfy an angry crowd. So she thought up the lyrics from what happened a night before where Manny Rivera was beaten by Sartana of the Dead. The song helped Frida but was an embarrasment for Manny.


Feel the sting of Sartana's strings...

She tossed El Tigre like a salad! Sartana of the Dead!

Listen to my Sartana ballad, listen to me shred!

She smashed him, and blasted him, and burnt his hair!

She tripped him, and stripped him to his underwear!

Zebra Donkey underwear!

Sartana crushed El Tigre like a worm!

Brief Popularity

For a short time, the song was a hit in Miracle City. Frida performed the song multiple times throughout the city. People even dressed up in Frida merchandise (Such as the goggles and even the blue hair). It was popular enough to reach a popular music television show. However by the time it aired on TV, the popularity of the song ended and Frida was kicked off the stage.