(The episode begins at Leone Middle School. Class had ended and Manny and Frida walk out.)

Frida: No! I can't hang out with you!

Manny: Uh, I didn't say anything about-

Frida: I don't have time! Me and the Atomic Sombreros are playing in the Battle of the Bands tommorrow morning. I gotta write a new song! The greatest song of all time!

(Scene change to dream)

Frida (continued): This is just the first step! I'll be on TV, I'll be huge! People will get tattoos of my face on their faces! I'll live my rockstar dream!

(Back to present)

Frida (continued): I... WILL... HAVE FAAAAANNNSS!

(short silence)

Manny: I see. So, wanna go to the arcade?

Frida: Five minutes tops.

(They head off to the Mayan Arcade. Scene transits to night, where Manny and Frida come out of the aracde.)

Frida (continued): Well, time to go home and write that masterpiece. (pans out) Why is the sky so dark?

Manny: We were in there for five hours.

(Frida screams)

Manny (continued): Don't worry, Frida!

(He transforms into El Tigre. Frida looks in surprise.)

Manny (continued): We'll get you home!

(He extends his arms and takes Frida along with him. We see them swinging through the skies.)

Manny (continued): We'll stop for nothing!

(There is a sudden crash. The two end up dangling from a building.)

Manny (continued): Not even that!

(A offscreen voice is heard)

???: Help! Please help!

(Manny smiles anxiously at Frida.)

Frida (continued): Five minutes tops.

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