This is information on the Aves Family, as their real identities. For information on their alter egos, see The Flock of Fury

Aves Family
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The Aves Family is the rival family of the Rivera Family.

Not much is known about the Aves family, but they take great measures to keep their family secret hidden. Carmeltia Aves is the super villan, Voltura, a vulture based villan. Grandmami Aves is Lady Gobbler, a turkey based super villan. Zoe Aves is known as Black Cuervo, a crow based villan. Nobody knows about this, but Zoe's irresponsibity and gullibilty has given the family numerous slip ups. 



  • The last name Aves, is a reference for another name for birds of the same name. "Aves" means "birds" in Spanish, as each member of the family's super villain names are a type of bird.