Anita and Nikita Suárez
Anita and Nikita
Name Anita Suárez (Left), Nikita Suárez (Right)
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Affiliation(s) Miracle City Police Department

Suárez Family

Alter Ego(s) None
First Appearence Stinking Badges!
Voiced by

Nikita and Anita Suárez are Frida's mean-spirited older sisters, as well as police cadets in the Miracle City Police Department. They are also spoiled brats, as shown in the episode "Stinking Badges!".


Nikita and Anita were the first born twin sisters in the Suárez family. As they grew up, they had a desire to work in the Miracle City Police Department and, through rigorous traning at the academy, eventually became leaders of the Junior Police Cadets.


Anita has an identical hairstyle to Frida, but like her twin sister is always wearing her Junior Police Cadet uniform.

Nikita wears the same uniform and is nearly identical to her twin sister, but Nikita wears her pig-tails higher than Anita.


Frida Suárez

The twins enjoy bullying their younger sister around and a lot. Consequently, they are not at best in mutual feelings and have constant run-ins, Frida occasionally pulls pranks on them, such as gluing them together. Another factor is Anita and Nikita's close relationship with their mom and dad, which Frida sort of envies. However, despite the tension between the three, the twins do seem to care for their sister, willing to leap right into action to protect Frida whenever she is in danger.

Emiliano and Carmela Suarez

By sharing similar interests in law enforcement, the twin girls are very close to their parents, who in turn feel nothing short from pride for the young cadets. Nevertheless, this has led to Anita and Nikita being seemingly spoiled for most of their lives, creating a sense of superiority and arrogance in them, especially over their youger sister.