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Zebra Donkey The Mother of All Tigres

(Episode begins with Manny and Frida having what appears to be a standoff in the middle of a road. They each take a step toward each other.)

Manny: (mysteriously) You ready for this?

Frida: I was born ready.

(A hand appears in front of her. It's revealed to be the hand of Emiliano Suárez, Frida's father.)

EmIliano: Frida!

Frida: Dad?

Emiliano: Don't do this thing. I forbid you!

Frida: Papa, if you love me, you'll let me go...

(Pans out to a carnival in front of the three.)

Frida (continued): the Miracle City carnival!

Emiliano: Not with that punk!

(He points at Manny while still facing his daughter.)

Emiliano (continued): Every time you are with him, he brings you nothing but pain and suffering!

Manny: What?

(He crosses his arms and acts casual.)

Manny (continued): Name once.

(A flashback is shown. El Tigre is fighting a swamp creature.)

Emiliano: What about the swamp creature?

(Scene pans out to show Frida trapped in a crocodile's jaws and screaming. Cut to El Tigre fighting Giant Robot Sanchez.)

Emiliano (continued): Giant Robot Sanchez?

(Frida is revealed to be underneath him. Cut to El Tigre wrestling someone.)

Emiliano (continued): Amateur tag-team wrestling match?!

(The wrestler does a body slam on El Tigre, but gets pushed off and knocked out, squashing Frida. Back to present.)

Manny: Uh, yeah. But, it's only a carnival. She'll be perfectly safe.

(The ferris wheel suddenly stops running smoothly and rolls off, people screaming inside.)

Frida: Plus, Mom said it was okay! Let's go, Manny!

(The two head for the carnival, Emiliano glaring ahead.)

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