Name Aaron
Gender Male
Hair Brown and spiky
Eyes Dark green
Affiliation(s) Leone Middle School
Alter Ego(s) N/A
First Appearence El Tigre, El Jefe
Voiced by Grey Delisle

 Aaron is a minor character in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. He is a student at Leone Middle School


Nothing much is known about him, except he likes playing video games, as seen in El Tigre, El Jefe. But he also doesn't like to do homework or to pay attention. In El Tigre, El Jefe, Mrs. Lupita gave him a final warning to turn in his homework of else he would be expelled. Manny notices this and helps Aaron with his homework. Aaron made up an excuse to use the bathroom in order to continue playing video games. Unfortunatly, his lie causes Manny to find out that he was playing video games and tells him to do his homework or else he would slice up Super Macho Fighter. The next day Aaron got a perfect score on a pop quiz in addition to turning in his homework. He thanks Manny for his help as his class cheers for him.


Aaron is a tall teenage boy with spiky brown hair, freckles, green eyes, a green beanie, a black jacket, a red and white striped shirt, jeans, and brown shoes.