A Fistful of Nickels
Season 2, Episode 1 (1/2)
Air date June 16, 2008
Written by Jorge Gutierrez
Thomas Hart
Doug Langdale
Directed by Roman Laney
Episode Guide
The Good, The Bad, and the Tigre - Bad Ending

A Fistful of Nickels is the first half of the 18th epsode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.


After Manny deliberately disobeys his father and throws a party against his rules, he tries to pay and make it up to him by stealing from some of Miracle City's most notorious villains.

Episode Summary


Montage Scene

El Tigre and Frida secretly steal other villains stealings behind their backs including El Oso and Dr. Chipotle Sr. They enjoy their loot in a laughing fashion.

Running Gags

  • Rodolfo keeps going on business trips only to come home early.
  • Rodolfo's grape fruit falling out of his business suitcase.
  • Grandpapi and Rodolfo fighting over Manny being good or evil.
  • Señor Chapi's girlfriend the feather duster returns.
  • When El Tigre and Señor Chapi fall they both explode and get mauled by a pack of wolves off screen.


  • This episode was originally going to be the pilot.

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